A Happy Monday, Indeed.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Today is a good day.
A sweet little baby girl was born to one of my most favorite people in the world today.
With a pretty much full week ahead of me, I am trying to figure out a way to get there(about an hour away) this week and I'm thinking it may call for a "sick day"....
Ahhh, time for some little baby girl shopping. Sigh. 

I drove by this house today and I think it's one of my very favorite houses.
It's not my usual kind of favorite houses.... But the yellow shutters get me every time.
They are just so  h  a  p  p  y.
And I think I might love it even more in the snow, maybe.

This is what we woke up to Saturday morning.
Over the weekend we got about 8 inches of snow... It was so pretty and so WHITE.
Really everything looks pretty when it's covered in snow, it was so thick on all of the tree branches.
We haven't had a lot of snow this Winter so the snow we have had I have actually enjoyed.
I would also be totally okay with it if that was our last big snow of the Winter.
But seriously, look how pretty it is.
I don't love Winter, it's most definitely my least favorite season, but I would be really sad if I didn't ever get to see snow or experience Winter.

Tonight I will be baking sourdough bread while listening to one of my favorite podcasts in the kitchen...
And then later maybe I'll have a glass of wine while I'm watching The Bachelor(hides her face in shame) after the kids go to bed...
I think I kinda love Mondays today.
Yep, it's a happy Monday indeed.


How was your day?
Your weekend?
Hope your week and month are off to a good start.

A Lazy + Productive Kinda Weekend

Sunday, February 22, 2015

This past weekend was a good one... a favorite weekend of mine this Winter probably, now that I think
about it.
Weekends are good for different reasons and "productive" in different ways.
And it was productive - But probably not in the way you're thinking.
I didn't get much done around the house... And by "not mcuh" I actually mean nothing.
Ummmm... There are still about 5 loads of laundry to do.
I didn't mop the kitchen floor(again) although it really needs it. BAD. So if you come to my house and into
my kitchen, just don't look down. Thanks.
I didn't go through the cubbies and stacks of school papers that are beyond overflowing, we didn't sell a single Girl Scout cookie...
And I could care less.

What did I do?
+ I slept in.
+ I had slow coffee Saturday and Sunday morning...no hurry or rush and nowhere to be... I just     enjoyed it over cartoons and some reading + music listening on the couch.
+ I hung out with Stanley(the dog formerly known as Choo-Choo) a lot.
+ I took a little walk around the neighborhood with the kids(in our pajamas) Saturday morning when  we woke up to about 7-8 inches of snow. It was a perfectly beautiful snow that we couldn't get  enough of!
+ I went to bed early one night and the other night I went out to dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday  and had an awesome meal + a fun night out with some friends I don't see very often.


It was good and relaxing + fulfilling in just the way you need sometimes, especially when things are feeling busy and crazy in your head and on your calendar both.
I think it's so good to have these weekends every once in a while, where you barely get out of your pajamas(the best!)...
The kind where you are actually kind of mentally ready for what Monday and the week ahead has in store for you.
How was your weekend? What did you do/not do this weekend?

Hope you have a good Monday and a great week!

{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Good Morning.
Happy freezing Tuesday morning from Illinois.
It's still really early, the sun hasn't come up yet and it is only about 10* out this morning. It's true.
This, right here, is the weather that has me dreaming of Summer nights on the back patio under the twinkly lights and early morning coffee on the front porch.

So I am really having coffee on the couch under a quilt before anyone else is up this morning, and it's still kinda dark so that picture wouldn't be the best- So I thought I would show you where I wish I was having coffee this morning, instead.
Ahhhhh. How yummy does that look?

I'm kind of fantasizing about this latte and the delicious french toast I had recently at this adorable little restaurant last week in St. Louis.
Not only was the food and coffee so good, it has the cutest logo/signs/menus and the most adorable coffee mugs- I really wanted to sneak one into my purse - And yes, I really did think about it. Do you blame me?

But, if we were really having coffee this morning, unfortunately it would just be here at home.
And there wouldn't be french toast, or anything else really, because we are in desperate need of some groceries in this house.
For some reason grocery shopping is so much worse in this weather... Really though, any errand that you may not mind too terribly much, is always worse in this weather though.
If I could, I would hibernate for most of the Winter.

Oh, I would have some big news for you over coffee this morning, you would get to meet Choo Choo, the newest addition to our family.
He is the sweetest little thing ever and we are so happy to have him here with us!
On Valentine's Day our local animal shelter was having a special meet and greet to encourage people to come in and adopt, so we decided to go check it out.
We wanted to see this dog in particular because my cousin was looking online at the shelter animals and tagged me in the post. Choo Choo was surrendered by his owner with a boxer about five days before and the boxer was adopted the same day.
We are kind of in a state of shock as to how well Choo Choo is doing, he fits right in, he follows the kids around and wants to be near us all the time.
If we can't all agree on a new name soon he will just be stuck with Choo Choo, none of us seem to like anything even remotely similar.

Also, let me just add here that my kids are at a great age for getting a dog I think.
They are so willing to help and are loving the responsibility, asking to take him out to use the bathroom, to feed him, trying to teach him tricks and things already.
It's awesome.
Ohhhhh.... and just look at that sweet face.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would have to ask if you did anything fun for Valentine's Day.
Dinner ? Movie? Anything fun? Are you into Valentine's Day.... or could you care less?
I guess I'm really not that into it... It's like I kinda want to be for the kids but then I'm like mehhhhhhhh, as it gets close, like let's just get this holiday over with already.
One of the highlights for me was a special delivery of my mom's homemade sugar cookies though, delivered by my mom and dad.
Every time I see my dad I am somewhat surprised at how well he is doing since his stroke, it's been about three months now.
There are always little things that remind me he is not 100% yet but considering how things were in the first week, it is truly amazing to see where he is now.
And for that I am so very thankful.

So today I am headed out of town with the fourth grade field trip to the Abraham Lincoln Museum.
I am really looking forward to it, but lord give me strength too because then I remember how big groups of kids can stress me out in situations like this. ha!
Patience is not one of my strongest virtues, unfortunately.
BUT I am really looking forward to it and taking the day off of work is always a good idea and I love this museum, it is truly amazing.

So that's what I am up to today, I am ready for a day out of town and off of work. Yay!
Tell me what's going on with you... What are you up to today? This week?

Oh! And byt he way-- Any dog name ideas for us?
Anything at all?
It's a boy.
Or are we just stuck with "Choo Choo"?


Thanks for stopping by here for coffee today!

My Dream Shop...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Last weekend in St. Louis I walked into my dream shop, Flowers & Weeds.
I say dream shop, but I really didn't have the dream until right when I walked in the door maybe... 
I don't have a green thumb and pretty much know absolutely nothing about flowers or plants.
Like at all.
BUT... it's a dream, and in my dream I was born with a green thumb and never met a flower
 I didn't know every little thing about.
In my dream I also imagine that I couldn't help but be happy working in this little space using my imagination + creating and sending customers off with something that makes them happy every single day.

The shop is like a life-sized terrarium , full of light and flowers and plants, click here to see
 a whole shot of the place. SWOON.
After we were there I found them on Instagram and saw some beautiful bouquets of flowers, too.
There were succulents and handmade pottery, air-plants and all the fixings for making your 
very own terrariums. I wanted one of everything there. 

If you are ever in the area you have to visit this place, right now they are located on 
Cherokee Street but we heard that they are moving to a different location soon.
I can't wait to visit next time I am there. 

Happy Monday! 
Be sure to come back tomorrow for Tuesday morning coffee.


On Self-Doubt & Busting Out The Paint Brushes

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The other day Charlotte and I were home alone and she was painting, like she often does 
when the mood strikes her. She gets out everything she needs and just starts. 
there's no thinking about what exactly she's going to do, not questioning if it's a good idea... 
or even whether or not she is a great painter. She just likes to paint.
So she does. 
I decided that maybe I felt like painting too,  so I grabbed my sketch book and the 
water colors and painted at the little table next right next to her.
Suddenly I remembered that I actually like painting, just for the fun of it, with no expectations or end 
result in mind. Then I realized that the reason I probably don't do it that much is because I don't think I am very good at it. And then I realized it really doesn't matter though either way.
I love drawing and doodling and always have been a doodler/drawer.
That's just who I am.
So there.

I think it feels good to try different things or the things you have kind of forgotten that you enjoyed, whether or not you think you are any good at it. And whether or not you even keep what you are working on or throw it away when you are done. I know it's kind of a cliche, but it really is the process and enjoying the activity, whatever it may be, while you are doing it.
There are things I know I never try because I think I wouldn't be any good at it... I mean, it's
not really even a conscience thought but just a little something in the way back of my mind.
Do you do that, too?

Since we re-painted the living room there is one wall that is empty and it's the perfect spot for something big. I need a  b i g  canvas/print/something and I haven't seen anything that size, that I like, that is in my price range, so I think I am just going to make my own art to put there.
I am still trying to figure out what eaxctly, but I will... I have a few ideas.
And if I don't love it... or I mess up then I will just fix it or cover it with something else... 
I know I will figure something out. I was thinking about all of this- about creativity and what I love to do, what I am scared to do without totally realizing I am scared to do it, why I doubt myself, 
what makes me happy and how positive it is to spend my time creating.

And then I remembered that quote by Sylvia Plath that I love, because it's so true.
And then I realized I absolutely do not want to spend my days in self-doubt and I don't want 
my kids to, either. And that is why I am taking action(my one little word for 2015) and trying new things and doing the things I want to do instead of wishing I could or telling myself that "some day" I will.
The hard part is actually stopping the negative self-talk and doubting though.

Is there any area in your life where you need to let go of the self-doubt?
Or that without realizing it, you have let that little nagging voice of doubt keep you 
from trying something you want to try?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


{virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hey there.
Good Morning and Happy Tuesday to you.
I'm up early this morning and having my coffee on the couch while I keep my fingers crossed that no one else gets up... quite yet.  Just not yet, please! 
This morning my coffee is extra hot and the froth is perfect and it feels so good on my sore throat.
I think this about my third head cold this Winter and I really just feel like staying in bed all day and calling
in to work if you want the truth.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning...

First of all, I would sit far far away from you and not spread my germs, I promise.
But really, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you about the progress on my
goal to start waking up earlier during the week.
It's going well.... almost too well now, some days.
My goal is to be up about an hour before the kids so I can have a decent amount of time to myself before the craziness of school day prep begins... And most days I am doing it.
Over the weekend I was gone for two nights and even though I was sleeping on a super comfy hotel bed with dreamy, soft feather pillows, and curtains that kept the room perfectly dark, I was up by 7:00 am anyway and couldn't fall back asleep. It's actually working, you guys!
So if you're not necessarily an early riser by nature, but are trying to get up earlier, you can do it, too. Trust me.

Like I mentioned, I was out of town for a couple quick days and got to spend a little time wandering around St. Louis with my best gal pal.
It was so nice and the weather was absolutely b e a u t i f u l, especially for February.
I think by the time I headed back home on Saturday it was in the mid-60's. Sigh.
Man, I have been trying really hard to enjoy the season I am in and appreciate it because truthfully, I would not want Summer all year long, I just wouldn't....
BUT, that beautiful sunny weather on Saturday got me so ready for Spring, even though it still is a bit early for Spring Fever, especially here in the Midwest.
We have still yet to have a really, really good snow... and it's February... so I am thinking that there's a good chance that some rough Winter weather is still to come.

The talk around our house this week is Valentine's Day, y'all.... What about you?
I am not super into Valentine's Day for myself necessarily but it is fun when you have school-age kids I think.
I loved, loved, loved the Valentine's Day party when I was in school and my favorite thing was decorating the shoe box/mail box for the Valentine's party... Remember that?
Charlotte's class did them at home and took them in to school last week and I have to admit that I was itching to get in there and help her(or just make my own!) but she didn't need my help. Ugh. Whatever.
A couple of years ago I made these cute little paper hearts for the kids and I am going to make them again this year and fill them with the kid's favorite candy.
They are so simple that younger kids can do them to with a little help threading the needle.
FYI, I think embroidery thread is easier for the kids, it is just thicker and easier to manage.

{ I took about ten pictures of her on her "mat" and she made a dumb face on purpose in 
every one of them. This girl... }

If we were really meeting for coffee today, I would have to tell you that some days I feel like my kids are literally growing up right before my eyes. 
Some days that's how it honestly feels and it's crazy.
Each of them are starting to get into their own kind of music and I am hearing the same songs on repeat over and over and over until I am about to hang myself.
Wyatt has been more into his own music and developing his own taste for a while now, but Charlotte is starting to get more into it now I guess.
Since she started back in tumbling last week, she is super into cartwheels and tumbling and every day she gets out the yoga mat and has us watch her do cartwheels. Over and over.
Then,  she decides she needs some music for "her inspiration" and gets my ipad, looks up songs and rotates between Katy perry, Taylor Swift and that one Phillip Phillips song.
And you guys.
I really do mean over and OVER.

Lastly, before we go, since today is Tuesday and The Bachelor was on last night, I would have to ask if you are watching it this season.
Yes, I'm admitting that I watch The Bachelor, in all it's train-wreck-glory.
Oh, it is bad, bad, bad but I admit, after not watching it for years I am hooked on this season.
It's my guilty pleasure after the kids go to bed and it's kind of fun to be able to have a show that
you can talk to your friends about the next day... You know, even if it's pure trash.


Well my coffee cup is empty and the kids will be up soon, thank you for stopping by here today for coffee.
It will be a busy day of work and school and a parent-teacher conference, tumbling class and some Valentine-making tonight. Lots to do today!
Hope you have a great day--Tell me what's going on in your world today!

The Last Week+ In Instagrams

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My new favorite purse-size make-up bag,
I love Orla Kiely and I want this print as wallpaper in my house/
Winter light/
Checking out the snow in the backyard/
Charlotte typing up her report on Ruby Bridges/
Mason jar full of flowers/
Wall of records at my brother's restaurant, TapRoot/
Pretty Winter sunset/
Me and the kids took a walk to get frozen yogurt during the Superbowl/

Sunday morning coffee in the back yard...
We were supposed to get a LOT more than we did get but it was so quiet and peaceful
and pretty out there while it was still falling/

Channeling  s p r i n g  with these pretty colors!/
Out for Mexican/
How could you not be   h a p p y   drinking coffee out of this in the morning?/
One of Wyatt's drawings. I love seeing what he comes up with,
He's got a crazy-awesome imagination!/
Sunlight through the windows on my face/
Super cute thrifted blanket/
Down the tracks/
Miss Charlotte reading in the dining room/
Tunnel graffiti love/

Rainbow of shirts at the new thrift store in town/

Painting/journaling with water colors/

This is what Charlotte and I did Friday night while Wyatt had a friend sleep over.
We stayed upstairs and painted our nails and watched Narnia while the boys had an
Indiana Jones/Minecraft marathon in the living room/


That's just a little bit of the last week plus via Instagram.
Man, I love being able to document these little tiny snapshots of life with my iphone.
So convenient and so much fun.
If you're on Instagram and I'm not already following you, tell me what your user name is so I can!

Have a great day!