Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I might have made up that word; Wanderlusting.
Wanderlust : Strong longing for or impulse toward wandering.

A strong longing for... that's me.
And that's how I feel lately... Actually that's how I have been feeling for quite some time.
I feel like the older I get the more I feel this way... which is kind of weird because one might think you would feel this way when you
were younger and were actually able to do more wandering.

But anyway.
This is kinda what I dream of.
Of going... travelling... just wandering really.
By myself, with the kids, with my family, with my friends... all of it and any of it really.
Just to go.
To explore and adventure.
To see.

My longing to see and explore and for adventure is nothing outrageous or exotic really.
I am content with wandering an hour away from home, or three hours away from home if that is all that I can squeeze into my life right now, but I definitely dream of bigger trips and adventures, too.
I dream of exploring new cities and States with the kids, of exploring little towns and big towns and all that they are made up of.

I am currently daydreaming of a trip to Nashville and am working on a post all about what I want to do and and see there...
I think it's gonna be a pretty long list!
Please let me know if you are familiar with Nashville or have any suggestions for me.
Daydreaming is really kinda fun.
And Nashville is close enough that I could actually pull that off.... it would be an awesome Road Trip adventure for sure.


Where are you daydreaming of visiting?
Where would you Road Trip to?
Who would you go with?

*All these photos were taken in St. Louis, my favorite close-ish place to adventure to, by the way.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Capturing Beauty Photo Collaboration /// Week 2 : Noon

So for two weeks now Lisa and I have been doing a photography collaboration project capturing the beauty of October
as we each see it.
We both take a photograph every day around a weekly prompt and share them side-by-side each week.
This week our prompt was noon... although I consider noon to be lunch time I think it's interesting that neither of us photographed
lunch or a meal or anything like that.

Last week I said that Lisa lives in Switzerland but she lives in Sweden... and I knew that, but I typed Switzerland.
I think I like our set of pictures this week even better than last week's set.
I love her cat photos the best I think.

This week we are capturing night and we will both share them next Monday.

Hope your Monday was a good one and your week is off to a good start... I am still trying to recover
from the weekend.
It was so,  so good.
More on that tomorrow!

Friday, October 17, 2014

My Week In Little Bitty Instagrams

Heyyyy! It's Friday.
Hallelujah and Amen and thank you Jesus for weekends.
I am so looking forward to this weekend and guess what?
Today I am headed out on a quick little mini get-away to go see Pearl Jam tonight + I am so excited !
It's like I have a date with my boyfriend  e d d i e   v e d d e r  but there's just going to be about 12,000 other people
horning in on it tonight! ;)


A little bit of my week, via Instagrams...

The leaves are really changing now.
We stopped here because I had to see this tree up close... 
Plus the sun had just come out after many rainy days in a row.

Halloween costume making.
Mary Ingalls, not Laura... FYI. 
Shhhh..... Don't tell my mom she is on here(or Instagram).She would not be happy.
This costume is going to be so cute though.

I love that I am still getting a couple of flowers a week from my 
teeny tiny flower garden in the backyard.
In early summer I bought a packet of seeds and threw them in there and never did
 another thing. It's like a little surprise every time I look out there! 

Charlotte's birthday was Monday... 
there's some Birthday banner making going on there.
Birthday celebrating is now over for us, such a busy, full month! 

The sunsets have been so pretty lately.
I could never, ever get tired of this view! 

Birthday balloons.

Little, tiny pumpkin.
I grabbed a few of these at the Farmer's Market last weekend to decorate
just a bot for the kid's Birthday party but we still need to go to the Pumpkin Patch.
Maybe we can squeeze it in this weekend! 
Ps- How handsome is he?

View from my dining room.
Apple and pumpkin candles are my favorite lately...
But mostly ones that smell just like pumpkin pie. YUM! 

In the parking lot at Starbucks.
I couldn't resist... a bright spot in several rainy, dreary, depressing days.
Beauty really is everywhere... even in the Starbucks parking lot friends.

At work.
Don't mid the crazy hair or lack of make-up.
Many days I am there by myself in the office and don't really see anyone else.


That's a wrap.
Hope you had a good week...decent week?... And have an even better weekend!
Doing anythign fun?
I can't wait to be serenaded tonight.

Eddie, come to Mama.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Miss Charlotte Is Eight

Oh, my heart.

My baby girl turned eight years old yesterday.
Eight feels like a big number... but not as big as ten felt last week.
I love 8 though...  I can honestly say that.
It's funny because I hate the fact that they even have to get older in the first place, because it's just dumb,
but then again I love seeing the people they are growing into at the same time.
I love who they were, who they are right at this moment, and who they are growing into.
Something I don't think I quite "got" completely when I first became a parent, is that it truly is a gift to get to do so -
and by that I mean every stage, every issue, every rough time, every time you feel like you are failing as a parent--
all of it.
This is a gift.

Oh, but this girl.
This girl is a writer, a storyteller already at such a young age.
She is an animal lover with a funny sense of humor.
She is a little girl that is wise beyond her years that loves to draw.
And paint.
She is brave and loves adventures.
She likes trying new things and will often encourage her brother when he is unsure.
She will say things like; "I wish mommy was here to see this sunset..."
She writes me letters and tells me what a great mommy I am.

She loves school and her family and walks around with a book in her hand most of the time.
She always has a new favorite doll or stuffed animal and she hopes to go to Paris one day.
She loves "cute things" and is a tomboy at the same time.
She loves reading about The Titanic and American history.

I love this sweet + funny little girl of mine so much.
Charlotte is named after my grandma, Elizabeth Charlotte.
They never got to meet but oh,  this little girl of mine inherited not only a name but some of my grandma's sweetness as well, I just
know in my heart she did.
I am so very lucky to have her and her brother in my life.

Happy 8th Birthday, Miss Charlotte Rose.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Capturing Beauty Photo Collaboration /// Week 1 : Mornings

Last week Lisa and I began a Photo Collaboration project  that will last just for a  few weeks in October, we will both
take a photograph around a weekly prompt and share them side-by-side each week.
The weekly prompts are;

Week 1 - Mornings
Week 2 - 12: 00 noon 
Week 3 - Evenings

Last week we both captured our mornings, whatever that may look like for us- mine are on the right, Lisa's on the left.
Lisa lives in Switzerland and I in Illinois, a world apart, but still so similar.
I love that we each had a rainy day picture on the same day this week.

I'm excited because this is going to force me to get my Nikon out a lot more this week and also, it's just kind of fun to have a
challenge or project to focus your attention on.

Next Monday we will be posting our second week of photos, be sure and check back!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

When You Don't Thrive On Being "Busy" + Why It Is Okay

This topic is something that is on my mind more often than not because it's something I feel like I am forced to think about
nearly every single day in one way or another.
Our days are busy.
The world is busy, busier than  e  v  e  r .
All my friends and family are busy, everyone on social media is so busy, we are so busy that we all talk about it- a lot.
Too much.
I feel like some people wear the whole "OhmyGodwehavebeensooobusy" thing like a badge of honor.
Like that's how it's supposed to be, like it's a good thing.
But it's not and I'm not buying it- or wearing the badge.

I am feeling overcommited and overscheduled and if I am honest I will tell you that I don't like this feeling at all.
Not at all.
I feel rushed and stressed and like I am barely holding it all together some days.

We live in an age of Parenting that tells us more is best.
Your child wants to play baseball?
Sign him up!
He wants to be in band?
And soccer?
And Boy Scouts?
Sign him up!
Oh- your daughter does, too?
Well we don't want her to feel left out, so sign her up, too.
Everyone is doing it and it wouldn't be fair to not let them do an activity that they really want to  do....
And God forbid we tell our kids NO.
Regardless of the cost it is to the whole family.
And by cost I don't even mean financial cost.

On a personal note-

The cost of being so busy and over scheduling my kids to the point that I can't have dinner with friends just one time a month, or see
a movie every other month or be able to return a phone call within the week or answer texts from my best girlfriends, is just not worth it to me.
So not worth it.
Because that is real life to me and that is what is important to me.
That right there is what fills me up, it's what gets me through the days and the weeks and the years.
And everybody knows that if Mama is stressed and worn out and doesn't get to fill up and recharge...
it's not good, not good for the whole family.

The cost of being so busy can easily mean that by bedtime I am too tired/stressed/worn out to
read with my kids, to talk to them about what is going on at school and to look at one of their stories, drawings/Lego creations--
For maybe the 500'th time... But who's counting.
To watch a movie together as a family, or play a game or just lay in bed and talk to them.

The older my kids get, the busier things feel for sure.
I really kind of hate it.
A lot.
There is more homework and now there's orchestra and Student Senate and Brownies and tumbling... the list goes on.
For selfish reasons I don't want to be running my kids back and forth every night of the week to multiple things and getting home only
in time to eat, bathe and go to bed.
I also don't want that because I know it's not the best thing for our whole family.
I want my kids to know that family time is important, friend time is important, getting away is important, doing absoultely nothing
is important-- I also want them to know that doing what everyone else is doing or letting yourself be a slave to "doing it all" is so
not important.

These are the days that my kids still want to be at home doing things with their family.
Wyatt turned ten last week and I have had to face the fact that the teenage years willl be here in
approximately three years... things will be different then.
I want to take full advantage of these days and years and moments.
I know that I do not want to realize a few years from now that I couldn't be a good friend, or a mom
that was just a little less stressed, a wife/sister/daughter/aunt that was rarely "present" because I was just so damn busy.


I could keep going on this topic for days + days, you guys.
I will stop now- but tell me what you think, what you really think...Do you feel this pressure, how do you manage it and deal with, how do
you keep yourself and your family in check?
Or is it something you need to work on?

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this subject! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Favorite Iphone Photography App

Hey there.
So,  I take a lot of pictures with my iphone, like a lot.
No, it's not the same as taking pictures with my big camera but it is easy and convenient and I am so grateful for this option.
I know for a fact that I take wayyy more pictures than I would otherwise but I really, really need to get into a better habit of actually
printing these pictures because if I never do then taking all these pictures will do no one any good in the future anyway, right?

It's on my To-Do List--- like pretty much everything else.

So this is my most favorite app lately.
Well for quite a while now, really... it's the VSCO Cam app. 
Check it out here.
Also, on my pages up there ^ , check out the page that says My VSCO Grid 
for lots more of my photos taken with this app.
I love the simple look of the editing with this app.

l  o  v  e  .

What are your favorite photography apps?
I love finding new ones, even if in reality I am probably just going to stick with my few favorites
it's still fun to try out new ones!


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