Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Coffee Just Tastes Better In Indiana

Well this past weekend it did anyway.
Seriously, it did.
A regular old cup of coffee, no fancy froth, with 2% milk(yuck)....  And still one of the best cups of coffee ever.
But anything would've probably tasted pretty good with this morning view though... Right?

This past weekend was our annual family get-away weekend in Indiana.
These perfect little cabins and this beautiful park... we    L  O  V  E   this weekend.
My kids  might love this weekend even more than I do... if that's possible.

We had the best weather this weekend I think we have ever had here so far, and we have been coming for maybe... 11 years or so.
It was sunny and there was no rain but it was cool enough that you had to wear a sweatshirt or jacket and it felt so good.
Cool enough that you could see your breath in the morning and a steaming cup of coffee felt so good in your hands.
I love that kind of weather. 

I am so glad I grabbed my Nikon before Charlotte and I took this short walk before we left on the last morning.
I take a lot of pictures with my phone, a lot, and I think I get some pretty good ones, but nothing really compares to my big camera.
These pictures almost make me be able to feel the crisp Fall air, feel the sun, see that beautiful light coming through the trees.

So yes, our coffee tasted better and our beer tasted better... I think the wine did, too.
This weekend was just what I needed... so, so very good for the soul. 
Until next year, Indiana! 

* Read last year's post about this weekend here.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Making My { Fall } List And Checking It Twice

I have been working on my Fall List for the last couple of days.
One that is actually kind of just for me.
We will have a few other family things to add to a mental list of course, too.

Everyone makes Summer Lists.... jotting down all of those things we want to make sure and do before the Summer
very quickly gets away from us.
Last year I made a Fall list because Fall is way shorter than Summer... which makes it a little trickier to squeeze in all of those
things we have been waiting all year for.

The older I get, the more I think maybe Fall is  my most favorite  time of year.
I do wish it lasted a bit longer though... Some years it feels as though we go straight from 
Summer right into Winter. 
I love Fall for so many reasons. 
The Pumpkin patch, the apple orchard, pumpkin bars, new boots, candy corn... All of it! 
I can't wait for the leaves to slowly start changing... Just not too fast though.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a long, slow Fall. 

///  Here's what's on my list so far  ///

1. Make Pumpkin Bars
2. Read a really good scary book or a mystery
3. Visit the Pumpkin Patch
4. Make a pie { Apple? Pumpkin? }
5. Watch ::  You've Got Mail
6. Make  a Fall wreath
7. Take a solo photo drive when the leaves are changing colors
8. Have coffee on the front porch early in the morning as much as possible
9. Visit the Apple Orchard
10. Have fires in the fire pit when we can
11. Find a new pair of super cute(but not super expensive) BOOTS

{ A few of my favorite pictures from last Fall }

My list is a work in progress...  Do you have a Fall list- written or mental?
If so, what's on it?
And if you have a suggestion for a scary book or a really good mystery,  let me know!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Oh Motherhood, You $*%#!

Lucky for you I bleeped out the rest of my post title.
Or, Sorry... or, You're Welcome.

BUT, This is pretty much how I've felt since I saw the movie Boyhood Tuesday night.
Oh. This movie, you guys. Wow.
I can't stop thinking about it.
Every so often you see a movie that just knocks you right in the gut, one that you just totally "get", that speaks to you... You know?
If you're a mother of a boy/boys, or mother at all... Watch this movie.
If you're not a mother, watch this movie.

It was an amazing thing to watch this boy grow up, literally, over the span of 12 years...
It's just an awesome and bittersweet thing to witness really.
The scene with Patricia Arquette at the end when her son leaves for college, is me.
That's how I feel a lot of the time.
Heartbroken, filled with love, exhausted, emptied, full of joy, thankful and a bit sad...  All of it.
A L L   O F   T H E   F E E L I N G S.
All of the time.

I think it's completely appropriate for moms to feel like we have given every last little thing we have
to give to our kids and to want to move to a remote Island A L O N E far, far away from
Every living person for an entire year. Right Now.
{Or more}
Totally normal.
If you didn't feel like this on occasion, I'd be worried about you.

So it's been that kind of week.... The kind where Motherhood gets the best of you.
Not horrible... But emotional.
And that's just how some of these days and weeks and years are.

This weekend we will be watching my boy play Soccer and hanging out at home, hopefully getting
a few things done I have seriosuly been putting off.
I am so ready for a relaxing weekend.

H a p p y   W e e k e n d !

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September + The Magic Of Beginnings

This is pretty much exactly how September feels to me.
It's a brand new month but it also marks the beginning of a brand new season, too.
F  A  L  L.
It's almost here... it's just at our doorstep.
You can just feel the change in the air and it makes you believe, if even for a minute, 
that new beginnings really are possible.
That anything is possible.

So that's where I am this morning.
Feeling like I am ready to tackle some of the BIG things standing in my way,
To make big changes + little changes.
To decide how I want my life to look and not be okay with it going in a
 direction I am not happy with.
To me, Fall feels more like the "New Year" than Winter ever has.
I'm really excited about it and what's to come! 


{ just  a few of the things I am looking forward to in this new Season... } 

Happy Wednesday to you.
Hope it's a good one! 

PS- If you have any books/blogs/writers/favorite quotes about making life changes, 
creating lasting change or creating/breaking habbits I would seriosuly LOVE to hear 
them... I would appreciate any help I can get!  ; ) 


Sunday, August 31, 2014

So Long, August.

Another one bites the dust.
The last month of Summer, gone.
Just like that, August is over and so is Summer.
It's bittersweet.
But I think I'm okay with it.

It was a fun, hot, full, rainy shiny month... and it's over.
Bring it on September.
I am so ready for you!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Birthday Celebratin'

Last Sunday we celebrated my Birthday with my family at our house.
Normally we celebrate family Birthdays at my parent's house, we get to pick the meal and the desserts and we celebrate
with my brother and sister and their families.
I think maybe everyone's favorite part of their own Birthday party, besides us all getting together, is choosing the menu.
And, you know, that's where it ends... just picking the menu.

On Sunday it was over 100* With the humidity... it was so crazy.
It was the kind of hot where you sit on the patio under the umbrella table and just sweat.
It was the perfect day for the kids to swim with their cousins though and that's what they've been wanting to do
They had so much fun together... There's truly nothing in the world like your cousins.

The kids caught the infamous ICE CREAM TRUCK !
It's funny because I think it's only the second time all Summer they've caught him.
All the cousins got to run out and get something approximately 5 minutes before lunch
was ready.
That's something I normally wouldn't do but it felt like the perfect time to do it-
Probably the last hot weekend of Summer and right out of the pool.
Remember the days when your parent's let you do things like that?
Those were the days...Sigh.

For dessert I chose homemade cherry pie.
My mom makes a mean cherry pie, complete with my grandma's crust recipe.
She also made homemade chocolate pie and brownies so I didn't have to share all
 of my pie.
And look at that adorable little mini pie she made me. SWOON.

It was a really good day and definitely makes getting another year older just a
Little bit easier, for sure.
I need to do a separate post to show you the AMAZING quilt my mom surprised
me with.
It is seriously one of the coolest and most special things anyone has ever made for me/done for me.
Pictures soon.

Hope you're having a great Holiday weekend!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Perfectly Dreamy Saturday Night

Oh, Saturday night... you did me right.
If I could pick just a few of my favorite LITTLE things in life that just make me really HAPPY,  I 
Would include pretty much everything from the Hot Air Balloon Festival this weekend.
Honestly, the beautiful hot air balloons would be enough alone, but then there were the funnel cakes, lemon shake-ups and mini donuts.
The rides lit up at night, the Hot air balloons doing their light show at night.... all of it.
I'm pretty sure the cinnamon + sugar mini donuts are sent straight from heaven, by the way.

This night was so good and I'm glad it didn't disappoint because I had been looking 
Forward to it since we went last year.
Luckily I didn't have super high expectations though because when I do I am usually disappointed... which is just a silly thing we do to ourselves sometimes.

I considered riding the Tilt-A-Whirl for about a second before remembering I really
Didn't want to throw up my funnel cake- it was my supper and dessert.
This mama has developed herself a fairly weak stomach in my older age.
It's funny be cause I don't really enjoy the rides all that much but I love to see them.
And really  LOVE taking pictures of the rides and the carnival...  all of it.

The swings. AHHHH.... as if the swings aren't AWESOME enough...
The swings at night??
Seriously dreamy.
The sky was so pretty last night and a beautiful background for the balloon
and the rides both.
My kids loved the swings and even my boy who used to be really afraid of heights
rode the swings without hesitation and loved it.

I'm tucking these pictures and these memories away, thankful for a hot, sweet night
With my two favorite little people in the world.
There's really nothing better.

Hope you had a happy weekend.


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