Creating Good Habits

Sunday, January 31, 2016

If you need advice or tips on cultivating bad habits, I'm your girl...I can tell you exactly what NOT to do. If you are looking for a little cheer leading on breaking your own bad habits or starting new ones- again, I'm your girl.
The trouble I have is starting and sticking with my OWN good + positive habits and letting the negative ones go.

That is the tough part and that is the part I need the most work on right now. Lord help me.
I know I am not alone.
I always have the best intentions, and usually keep the majority of these intentions to myself I might add, because who wants everyone else to know when they fail? Not me. Not every time anyway.
And sometimes they last for a few days... Or a week... or less.
Sometimes I really do stick with them- that actually does happen sometimes.
When school started this year I decided that I was going to make lunches ahead of time(the night before) because I absolutely did not want to be making two lunches every morning, or even think about lunches at all in the mornings anymore.
I decided I was going to prep everything for the kid's lunches on Sundays and that they would pack their own lunches every night before school and stick them in the fridge... And guess what?
I started that in AUGUST and we are still doing it. Seriously.
I realize the super-organized, prepared mom would laugh at me for thinking that is such a big deal, but for me it really is. It works, it is so much easier on me and + the kids and it actually makes my life easier. And I have stuck with it for like 6 whole months. That is an actual miracle.
Tomorrow is the first day of a new month and brings with it the chance for a fresh start, in many areas for me.
Back to setting my alarm extra early and for daily personal challenges this month.
I really wish that  just deciding that changes need to be made was enough for me- But it's not. I think it takes a lot of starting over, pep talks to ourselves and trying again and again.
A goal of mine is for more writing-for my own enjoyment, for keeping track and for accountability.

Hope you had a great weekend- And a great January!


Nine Random Things On A Sunday

Sunday, January 3, 2016

1. Coloring as meditation, 2. THIS sunset...You have no idea how HAPPY this made me! , 3. Stacks of magazines to look through at the book store- one of me + Charlotte's favorite things to do.
4. I have spent way too much time hibernating in my bed lately, 5. Coffee in bed(See #4), 6. Sunlight, praise Jesus!
7. Twinkle lights forever, 8. Still no snow and it's January. Crazy., 9. Little Reminders everywhere.



Friday, December 25, 2015

Oh, Nashville...
Earlier in the month we went to Tennessee for a wedding and could have stayed much longer than three nights and still would have wished we had more time there!
Honky Tonks, cowboy hats and live music everywhere and so much to do/see/eat/drink.
There really were a lot of cowboy hats, don't get me wrong, but there was so much more there than just the country music scene- And just for the record, I am not much of a country music fan myself, but any music scene is pretty cool in my book.
I am so happy my friend got married and I got to go to Nashville for the wedding!
We came across some seriously cool shops, delicious homemade biscuits, The Ryman Auditorium in person, a beautiful evening December wedding, live music, good drinks and super yummy coffee- Those were just a few of my favorite things about Nashville.
At the very top of my list though would have to be the bar with the skee ball machine AND the photo booth. Seriously?
Beer + skee ball + a  booth = Heaven.

The first night we stayed at a super cool little converted apartment in East Nashville that we found on airbnb- my first experience using airbnb and will definitely do it again!
*Photos 1, 14, 15 and 22 are from the airbnb rental, it was functional, clean and it was decorated so cute- major bonus points for the super cute decor.
Also- East Nashville? Loved it, some of my favorite places we went were there and I can't wait to go explore there some more again next time.
I most definitely see a Girl's Trip to Nashville with all my best girlfriends in the future !


And Suddenly...Here We Are

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

You know how when your kids are younger and not sleeping so well, or they are in a real hard stage like tantrums, teething, potty training(the three worst!)...And you feel like this will always be your life and your kids will ALWAYS be in this stage and they will never grow out of it, you will never sleep normally again and you kinda want to jump out the window?
Yeah? Me, too...I so remember those days. Very well.
When someone with older kids would tell me to; "Just wait" or something along those lines referring to wait until they are moody preteens, wait until they are hard to handle teenagers, wait until instead of not sleeping, they are sleeping until noon... Somehow you kinda think those days will never come.
Like logically you know they will, but you feel like it will be twenty years away and no time at all in the near future.
Right? Or is it just me? Maybe denial?

I don't know why we think that way-Maybe it's just because the difficult stages really seem as though they will never end.
Maybe it's self-protection, I cannot get emotional about every new stage/change, everything they leave behind and every little new thing they become.
I mean, I would be in tears constantly. Right?
Suddenly we are entering that stage where things are changing, just ever so slightly, but you can feel it, and you can see it... Small changes.
My baby boy that was a teeny tiny 6lb 8 oz baby and stayed in under the fifth percentile for height until he was about six years old(or older) now reaches my nose. I know he will soon be taller than me! What? When did these things happen?
The annoying saying about the days being long and the years being short is oh-so true.
I was kinda hoping they were wrong.


Happy Wednesday!

The Sweet In-Between

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The time between the end of Summer and the first snowfall might just be my favorite.
Everything is golden; Leaves, the light, the sunsets, the sunrises, the trees.
The days are shorter and evening comes so early it's almost painful.
BUT everything is beautiful, you have to look every single day though...Every day and soak it all in.
Every tree, every leaf, every sunset. All of it.
Fall is so short, if you blink you will miss it...Just like that.

When we walk and the leaves are still crunching underneath our feet, when the ground is not yet covered by snow and we are not quite ready to completely hibernate until Spring...
This, right now, is my most favorite time.
So I look out the windows and stare at the trees and notice all the little things that will soon be covered until Spring.
There is still some yellow left... I can still dream of pumpkin pie and apple pie and homemade noodles and make Thankful lists(if only mentally)and take in everything about this season without rushing into the next.


Baby Steps

Monday, November 9, 2015

My morning scene(the end of my morning quiet time, it is dark when I get up). Journal, pen, coffee.

In order for bigger change to occur(eventually) I have decided that I have to start making small changes every single day... One day they will all add up to something bigger...but he beginning always requires baby steps, somewhere to start.

I have started making changes to my morning routine, I am forming new habits sloooowly, in order to replace old ones. I don't think you can wake up one day and decide that everything in your life is wrong and you need to change everything this second in order to be happy and at peace.
Eh...maybe some people can, I don't know...But that would not work for me. It has to be slower and more deliberate or I think you immediately fall back into old routines and habits. You have to look at things and decide what is working and what isn't and WHY. What you can immediately change, what you can start working on and long + short-term goals.

So in the name of Making Lasting Changes and Baby Steps, here is what I am doing in the mornings...
*Waking up at least an hour before the kids.
*Writing first
*Not looking at social media(or email or anything else) until I do some writing
* Setting intentions for the day...What I want today to look like, what I don't want it to look like and how I can best get there.

^ This last small step seems pretty simple and kinda silly... But I think it might make the biggest difference in my days. Planning, thinking, setting intentions and remembering that I decide what today looks like is big for me. Other people and things do not decide the outcome of my days, I do.


Happy Monday, Hope it is a great week for you!

So Long October + Hello, November

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The month of October flew by.
It was full and busy in terms of what we had going on.
It was good and fun and busy and I think I was taking pictures every single day of the trees and the leaves...I cannot get enough of the Fall trees.
A little bit of October....
Some highlights of my month:

-A night out with ALL my girls. So much fun! Laughing and crying and getting crazy. So good for me.
-Both kids had Birthdays...and Birthday parties; There was a camp-out in the backyard for him and a fancy little pumpkin bar birthday cake for her
-A trip to the cabin where the weather was absolutely perfect
-Celebrating both my mom and dad's Birthdays and hanging out with the cousins
-A fancy steak dinner at TapRoot for Wyatt's birthday
-Halloween and Charlotte's favorite costume ever, just maybe!
-Horse-back riding
-FINALLY a caramel apple!
-S'mores and carving pumpkins
-A little get-away with my much fun!
-The highly anticipated Scooby Doo Legos!

There's more than that...and there's a lot that the pictures do not show, which is sometimes hard to remember when you are looking at a tiny spec of someone elses life and days in these tiny pictures. What I mean is, there have been hard days...down days...days of wanting to throw in the towel, days of realizations and tears and a whole lot more that you can't see in photographs.That goes for everyone, everyone's life and pictures.


We are already Day 4 into November and although I am not quite ready for the Holiday season to begin, I guess I better get with it because I don't really have a choice, huh?
I am trying new things this month- I am trying to be more mindful and intentional in my actions, I am trying to form new habits and break old ones...I am actually trying something new every single day(no matter how tiny) and this month is going to be a challenge...I am sure of that.
Sunday November 1, 2015... A new path. 

I read this last week and it has stuck with me since then.
I love this by Dallas Clayton, I really love pretty much everything by Dallas Clayton, but this just fits how I have been feeling lately.

Get out from your house
From your cave, from your car
From the place you feel safe
From the place that you are.
Get out and go running
Go funning, go wild
Get out from your head
And get growing, dear child.