Friday, December 19, 2014

Twinkly Lights All The Year Through

If I were to give anyone advice on creating a cozy, relaxing corner at home, I think my number one suggestion would be to put up
twinkly lights somewhere and leave them up all year long.
I mean- not that anyone is actually asking me for advice... but you know. 
These are not Christmas lights folks, these are lights to be put up and left up until they burn out.
All the way out.

I always have lights up on my fireplace mantle, I'm sure we have been through at least four sets
since we have lived in this house.
I always have a string of lights up in my tiny little office and I always  couple of strands in the backyard hanging across the fence, too.
I think I need some hanging in my bedroom and in Charlotte's bedroom, too but I just haven't gotten around to it just yet.
One day.

The twinkly lights give off the perfect amount of light during the day and night.
When I am sitting in the living room at night after the kids go to bed, watching tv or reading in peace and quiet... just perfect.
So calm and relaxing and happy.
Sometimes it really is the simplest of things that bring us the tiniest bit of happiness and I'll take that.


So tonight I will be sitting here in my living room with my twinkly lights, watching Elf-- and I'm sure it  won't be the last time I
will see this before Christmas, either.
We love Elf.
I just realized that this time next week, Christmas will be over. Over. Wow.

I'm trying hard to enjoy this last week, it sure has flown by!
Have a great weekend, everyone.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Feeling A Little Christmasy

See... I'm not a total Grinch, I am writing a Christmasy post this morning.
I thought I would share a few of my favorite Christmasy things around the house today, and really just a few
because I didn't go all kinds of crazy with getting all of my decorations out this year...
There is a lot I didn't bother to unpack because we got our tree later than usual this year.
There's always next year though, right? And yeah, I do pretty much say that every year. Ha!


That's Kringle the elf taking pictures out the front window.
Yes, we do the whole Elf on The Shelf(a pretty laid back version) and no, I am not losing sleep
over it and no, I don't think I am ruining my kids over it either.
There are many, many other ways I am quite sure I am ruining my kids though.  ;)
He's not the most creative Elf but he gets the job done for the most part-- we are not winning any awards for his adventures
though, that's for damn sure.

The holly/mistletoe mug was my grandma's and so was one of the Santa mugs, 
the rest were thrift store/antique store finds.
The green polka dot napkins that match an adorable vintagey flowered
 tablecloth and were all made by Eric's grandma.

I love using my vintage glass ornaments on the tree, in bowls and jars and they look 
extra pretty with the white twinkly lights around them I think. 
I have had some of these glass ornaments passed down to me and one year I scored about
 5 boxes for dirt cheap at a rummage sale. True story. 
I am talking like twenty-five cents and fifty cents per box.

We love our little light up churches and buildings that sit on top of the piano.
One year these were like 75% off at Target after Christmas and my mom bought
 them all for me and saved them as a birthday present for my birthday the next August.
I think they ended up being $5 each.

Handmade glittery pine cone ornament made by Wyatt.

All of the boxes I got from the rummage sale and are in their original boxes.
Love that! 

Ignore all the things the kids crammed under our tree, below. 
This is the thinnest tree we have ever had, ours are usually much more round and full,
but it's kinda pretty and it smells good I think. 
We really didn't take a whole lot of time choosing this year, if you wanna know the truth.

I have to say that even during the years when I am not super into Christmas I love
 seeing ornaments form years passed, favorite Christmas books from my own childhood and
 all of the handmade ornaments from my own kids.
That can't help but get ya a little bit more in the Christmas mood, huh?


Happy Wednesday, friends. 
Good Lord. Christmas Eve is exactly ONE WEEK from today, you guys.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hard Days

So... I am going to be honest and just put it all out there.
These days here lately have felt so hard.
Just hard... For a lot of different, little reasons and for no reason at all.
It's the Holiday season where things are supposed to be oh-so-happy, right?
All I feel is stress and anxiety and dread.
In the last week I have somehow became the person that fantasizes about being on a beach at Christmas time,
my kids waking up and opening their presents in a hotel, with no Christmas tree and all of their extended family across the country.
I used to think that would be the saddest, most pathetic thing ever.
Now it sounds like a relief.

I don't know what's wrong with me, or how I got here some days.
No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer who doesn't love Christmas, right?
The funny thing is, I don't even want to be around that person.
To me, regular stress and anxiety is magnified 1,000 times during this season.
And really, some days and weeks and seasons of our lives are hard enough when it's not the holiday season.

It sucks when you can't get out of your own head and you can't just flip a switch like you wish you could.
Sometimes it's harder than that.
These days will pass, and there will be new ones and they will be easier.
I know this.
Until then I will just keep plugging along, just like everyone else.
And you know what?
It's okay to admit that these days, that some days, are just hard.


Friday, December 12, 2014

{Virtual Coffee}

Hey there.
Good morning-- or afternoon by now I guess-- and Happy Friday.
I did start this earlier this morning but life around the house with two kids at home both sick and kindanotreallysick took
over this week.
Now things have quieted down and I am finally sitting down to enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee at 3:15 pm. today.
On my couch, under a quilt, headphones in, candles burning, coffee in hand.
Hooray for Fridays!

Seriously though.
I don't even care that the kids are in front of the TV watching Regular Show(I HATE that damn show).

So yes, there's been nasty, funky viruses going around and Charlotte has stayed home for the last three days this week.
Today she was much better but I just wasn't ready to send her back and she wasn't running a fever or contagious
 so she got to go to work with me for part of the day.
Now that is one thing that I really LOVE about my job, the flexibility... it's awesome.

If we were really meeting for coffee today....
I would tell you that I am finally, finally getting into this whole Christmas thing just a little more, you know, 
a whole two weeks before Christmas.
This week I got a little more Christmas shopping done, just a little, I had dinner out with my 
sister one night and then last night I watched Home For The Holidays.
Have you seen it ?
It was good and it made me laugh... Oh and that Dylan McDermott. Sigh.
Now tonight I will be watching one of my favorite holiday movies, Love Actually.
Popcorn and Love Actually sounds pretty awesome to me tonight.

Okay, So we need to talk about Serial.
Or I do anyway... You may not need to yet... But I do.
Have you heard of this podcast? It's getting all kinds of hype and attention right now and 
I am obsessed with it. I confess.
It's like finding that favorite show you didn't know about and just falling in love with it.
So, so good if you're into real life crime/mystery kinda stuff like I am. 
Next week is the 12th and final episode and I am so mad that it is ending already... I need to know more and
 hear more and I need a conclusion here, people.
Please tell me if you are listening to it and what your thoughts are. 

Do you have any fun weekend plans?
The kids have a Birthday party to go to tomorrow and we have a 40th Birthday party tomorrow and I need to
 squeeze in some Christmas shopping and get a couple of Birthday presents, too and...
So yeah, there is lots to do but then there is also Miss Charlotte, who is still not feeling 100%, 
so we will just wait and see I guess.

Are you done with your shopping? Have you started?
What is going on in your little world this week?
Do tell.
Hope you all have a great weekend.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Snapshots From The Christmas Tree Farm.

I told you I would do it Sunday, come hell or high water... and we did.
I just talked about my serious lack of Holiday spirit here if you want to read it.
The Christmas tree was found, cut down, purchased and put up... and I have the pictures to prove it.
First a few pictures with my big girl camera because I have been so bad about getting it out and using it but Sunday I got
a few before I started having trouble with it. Boooo.
It was cold and windy so we found our tree pretty quickly and then headed into the barn for hot chocolate and popcorn.

And a few iPhone photos, of course.
I love this one of Charlotte sizing up a tree and the one of the two of them together.
It was a really dreary day... gray skies and cold. 
No snow this year though which hasn't been the case for the last few years anyway.

The tree is decorated, the Christmas music is playing, I am starting to feel it a little bit more.
A little bit, I said.
Bing Crosby might just end up doing it for me.
Also-- this view with the lights and the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree doesn't hurt, either.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Trying To Make Myself Get There.

The calendar says that today is the 5th of December and to me that is total and complete craziness.
I'm still dreaming of leaves and campfires and pumpkin spice lattes... but that's over for this year I hear.
Because it's totally November 5th to me.
But it's not and I am in total denial that the Christmas season is really here.

Every year I have a super tough time getting into the Christmas spirit... I can't just turn it on automatically on December 1 like
I feel most everyone else can. I really, really wish I could though.
This is one time when I really wish I was like everyone else.
Not that this is my total excuse because like I said, this is just me, but this year especially with my dad's stroke and hospital stay
pretty much being the entire focus for the month of November it is just extra tough making myself get into the "spirit".

My goal for this weekend(for Sunday because Saturday is full) is to get a little Christmas tree and get out the decorations.
I'm doing it.
I have to do it because there's only 2 more weekends after this weekend until Christmas.
So this Sunday I will do it.
I will put on the holiday music and make hot cocoa and get out all some of our Christmas decorations and I will do it.
We will get a tree but it probably won't be a huge expensive tree because it won't be up too long anyway at this point-- BUT --
we will get one and I will force myself to feel as Christmasy as I can.

And then I will promise myself that next year will be different and I won't feel this way next year and next year I will be a
completely different person...
And I don't really believe that, but a girl can dream. Right?

///  Happy Weekend, friends.  ///

Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Week+ In Little Bitty Instagrams

Happy, Happy Friday.
Just a little bit of the last week(plus) in Instagrams...
But first...

H  A  P  P  Y      T  H  A  N  K  S  G  I  V  I  N  G   !

Reading a book to Penny and showing off her adorable felt leaf headband by Mack Made.
You should go check out more super cute stuff(tote bags, headbands, burp cloths, etc.) in 
Shea's awesome little shop.

Homemade hot cocoa with all the fixin's
Christmas Parade
Vintage Snapshots
Lazy morning in bed

Spotted in the country yesterday
Red Barn + Snow =  l  o  v  e  

Starbucks stop for hot cocoa + peppermint mocha on Wednesday after school...
Thanksgiving Break is on! 

Pretty sky
{just me}
Kids at the evening Christmas parade
Thrifted afghans
Which way to go...?
Coffee to go
Reading right now.
Volunteering at the Food Pantry with my little Girl Scout

Early morning blueberry muffin making in the kitchen
{Vanilla sugar cookie candles are a must}

McClellend's Grocer Company.
Abandoned building we came across this week....
The front door is even cracked open, you guys. I sooo want to go in.
Who's with me? 

Happy Friday.
Hope you have a wonderful long holiday weekend.
Any big plans?
I'm looking forward to spending time with friends and family, a little shopping and hopefully some down time at home, too.

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